Магнитный корректор спины Magnetic Posture Support

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Магнитный Корректор Спины Magnetic Posture Support

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out of 5 starsWorks great after modifications

ByF. Digiovannion May 14,

I will have to say after making some simple modifications to this brace, the brace works fantastic. I gave it 4 stars because these modifications should have been part of the design to begin with.

Here is what I had to do.
1st I put on the brace and had another person pull the straps in the back by shoulder blades tight enough to the point that I personally felt was pulling my shoulders back into proper position comfortably.

Then the other person marked the straps with a magic marker. This marking was to determine how much strap to cut off to tighten it. In my case I had to remove a total of 4 inches from the strap on both shoulders. I'm 6 foot 1 and lbs and I ordered the large brace. "obviously way too big"

Then we cut the 4 inches off the right shoulder side strap and stitched it by hand back together using hiking thread which is thicker then regular thread and made of nylon. 40lb test.

"will never break"

then we put the brace back on and repeated these steps for the other shoulder strap.

Marked, cut, then restitched back together.

Finally, we took some moleskin "soft rag material" and wrapped a piece of it around the underpart of the armpit strap and stitched it around. Not a permanent fixture spot. rather we left it loose so it could slide up and down on the strap so it could be adjusted to the exact spot in the armpit to provide the best comfort.

After doing this, the shoulder / back brace really worked well in keeping shoulders back and posture good.

It does not support the spine in an erect postion however but it help keep the shoulders back.

After 2 days of wearing it all day at work "i sit at a desk a lot but also repair computers and are moving around a lot" i noticed some muscle soreness in my neck and shoulders. It was forcing weak muscles that are responsible during proper posture to strengthen which was tiring them out. After years of bad posture those muscles must have gotten lazy.

My hope is that after several months of use, my posture should be better on it's own when not wearing the brace.

I have great flexibility in this brace too, i wear it over a t-shirt and under my main shirt and nobody notices I'm wearing it. my back cracks a lot less when arching backward when wearing this brace. Without the brace I'm normally arching back to straighten and cracking multiple vertebrates all day long.

It's relief the 2nd you put it on.

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